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Jiangsu Sanling Abrasive Co., Ltd.
Address: Environmental protection industrial park by three road on the 18th, Yancheng, Jiangsu, China
Post Code:224003
Sales head office:
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The current position: Jiangsu Sanling Abrasive Co., Ltd. >> Netword
Supplying best products and perfect service for the society is Sanling people’s achievement. We set up sales offices all around China such as Canton, zhengzhou, Hangzhou, Shandong, Chengdu, Shenyang etc. Sales system covers about 100 cities of China, and sets up a center of Market’s Information Feedback, in order to supply clients perfect service.
Contact Person
Foreign trade business department
Foreign trade business
Xiang Zhou
South China
Fo Shan
Aihua Xiao
Dong Wan
Jinliang Zhang
Fu Zhou
Jinliang Zhang
+086-0591-22157195 +086-13313758030
East China
Cheng Du
Changlin Chen
+086-13308098517 +086-0515-3022870
Wu Xi
Tao Chen
Hang Zhou
Zhanwen Wang
+086-0571-86576656 +086-13757127830
Shang Hai
Bin Cheng
North China
Zhen Zhou
Yibin Xiong
Shen Yang
Sulong Liu
Tian Jin
Yulu Shen
+086-022-26796146 +086-13602078530
Shan Dong

Yisheng Liu

+086-0539-8338197 +086-13605101115

 Your suggestions will become our future improvements . Only with your concerns and help , we can grow and get stronger . And we treasure all your comments and support . We are looking forward to working with you as a good business partner , agent or distributors and to share the success in business .
  Please feel free to contact us. Tel: +86 515 88561978       

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Address: Environmental protection industrial park by three road on the 18th, Yancheng
Sales Corporation :+86-0515-68603077 E-mail:sanling@sanlingcn.com
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